Fotoessay: Peoples Cup, São Paulo

Av: Gabriel Uchida

June 12. All the nations are watching the opening of the Brazil World Cup 2014 in the modern Corinthians Arena at Itaquera, São Paulo. But the true face of that region is not on television. And it’s not even far away from international journalists and tourists. Three kilometers from the stadium is the occupation «People’s Cup». More than four thousand people living under tents made of plastic and pieces of wood. If it rains their floor becomes mud. They have no water and no basic sanitation. There are only a few points of electricity and of course they are not enough for everybody. Bathrooms are collective and improvised, as basically everything there. Some favelas could be considered luxury if compared to this. As shocking as their situation is the fact that there are more occupations in São Paulo like this one. And some of them are even bigger, like «The New Palestine» in the south of the city. To complete the absurdity, it was spent 600 million dollars in the Arena built in this region while there were already other four big stadiums in the same city. Along with the World Cup it was started a football championship in the «People’s Cup». The players were locals, students, activists, subway workers and kids. In spite of their situation, football gave them at least some moments of happiness.














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